Latest Sermons

Psalm 87

Date: 10-Jul-2018

Psalm 13

Date: 01-Jul-2018

Ecclesiastes 12.8-14

Date: 24-Jun-2018

Ecclesiastes 11.1-12.7

Date: 17-Jun-2018

Ecclesiastes 9.11-10.20

Date: 10-Jun-2018

Ecclesiastes 8.1-9.10

Date: 03-Jun-2018

Ecclesiastes 7

Date: 27-May-2018

Ecclesiastes 5.8-6.12

Date: 23-May-2018

Ecclesiastes 4_4-5_7

Date: 13-May-2018

Ecclesiastes 3.16-4.3

Date: 06-May-2018

Ecclesiastes 3.1-15 - Peter Jarvis

Date: 29-Apr-2018

Ecclesiastes 1-2

Date: 22-Apr-2018

Ecclesiastes 1.1-2

Date: 15-Apr-2018

Easter Sunday 2018

Date: 01-Apr-2018

Good Friday 2018

Date: 30-Mar-2018

Mark 7.24-8.26

Date: 18-Mar-2018

Mark 7.1-23

Date: 11-Mar-2018

Mark 6.6b-29

Date: 25-Feb-2018

Mark 5.35-6.6a

Date: 18-Feb-2018

Mark 4.35-5.20

Date: 11-Feb-2018

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