Latest Sermons

Sex, marriage, gender and more

Date: 04-Nov-2018

Evangelism - Chris Angel from Christians@Uni

Date: 28-Oct-2018


Date: 14-Oct-2018


Date: 07-Oct-2018


Date: 30-Sep-2018

The Bible

Date: 16-Sep-2018

Psalm 150

Date: 09-Sep-2018

Psalm 146 - Hugh Dircks

Date: 02-Sep-2018

Psalm 84 - June Robertson

Date: 26-Aug-2018

Psalm 139 - Paul Harper

Date: 19-Aug-2018

Psalm 103 - Mike Lampard

Date: 12-Aug-2018

Psalm 19 - Rev. Chris Mulherin

Date: 05-Aug-2018

Psalm 14 - June Robertson

Date: 29-Jul-2018

Psalm 138 - Paul Harper

Date: 22-Jul-2018

Psalm 137 - The Ven. Edwin Lang

Date: 15-Jul-2018

Psalm 87 - Nate Raiter

Date: 08-Jul-2018

Psalm 13 - Sharmini Kumar

Date: 01-Jul-2018

Ecclesiastes 12.8-14

Date: 24-Jun-2018

Ecclesiastes 11.1-12.7

Date: 17-Jun-2018

Ecclesiastes 9.11-10.20

Date: 10-Jun-2018

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