Latest Sermons

Acts 11:19-30

Date: 05-Oct-2014

Acts 11:1-18

Date: 28-Sep-2014

Acts 10

Date: 21-Sep-2014

Acts 9:32-43

Date: 14-Sep-2014

Acts 9:1-31

Date: 07-Sep-2014

Acts 8:26-40

Date: 31-Aug-2014

Acts 8:4-25

Date: 24-Aug-2014

Acts 6:8-8:3

Date: 17-Aug-2014

Acts 6:1-7

Date: 10-Aug-2014

Acts 5:1-16

Date: 03-Aug-2014

Acts 4:32-37

Date: 27-Jul-2014

Acts 4:1-31

Date: 20-Jul-2014

Acts 3

Date: 13-Jul-2014

Money and God

Date: 29-Jun-2014

Philippians 4:10-20 (CMS)

Date: 22-Jun-2014

The Trinity (Bishop Gary)

Date: 15-Jun-2014

Acts 2 (Pentecost)

Date: 08-Jun-2014

Acts 1

Date: 01-Jun-2014

John 21:15-25

Date: 25-May-2014

John 21:1-14

Date: 18-May-2014

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