Latest Sermons

Doesn’t the Bible & Christianity = violence & abuse ?

Date: 08-May-2016

After death, then what?

Date: 01-May-2016

How does God guide people?

Date: 24-Apr-2016

How can you be sure that you are saved ?

Date: 17-Apr-2016

John 2:1-11

Date: 10-Apr-2016

Easter Sunday 2016

Date: 27-Mar-2016

Good Friday 2016

Date: 25-Mar-2016

Matthew 7

Date: 13-Mar-2016

Matthew 6:1-18

Date: 06-Mar-2016

Matthew 5:17-48

Date: 28-Feb-2016

Matthew 4:17-25

Date: 14-Feb-2016

Titus 3

Date: 07-Feb-2016

Titus 2

Date: 31-Jan-2016

Titus 1

Date: 25-Jan-2016

Christmas 2015

Date: 25-Dec-2015

Luke 1:57-80

Date: 20-Dec-2015

Luke 1:39-56

Date: 13-Dec-2015

Luke 1:26-38

Date: 06-Dec-2015

Luke 1:1-25

Date: 29-Nov-2015

2 Timothy 12:1-13 (Andrew Gifford – CMS)

Date: 15-Nov-2015

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